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Why long-term food storage isn’t just for emergency preparedness

Yes, long-term food storage can give you that peace of mind that so many of us depend on. It can make you feel like no matter what life may throw your way, at very least you’ll have something to eat. And that’s a benefit that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But the ready-to-eat meals in long-term food storage are for so much more that just feeling prepared for whatever disaster may come. They could be a perfect thing to take with you when you go camping. 


Anyone who has gone camping knows that trying to prepare what food you’re going to eat and cooking it are not the easiest tasks. This is where long-term food storage comes it. With the many advantages they have, they could be just what you need to tackle the great outdoors. 


No fridge? No problem! 

Let’s start with an obvious one: refrigeration. You don’t need us to tell you that there are no fridges or freezers out in the wild. Since everyone needs a balanced meal of fruits and veggies, this can be a problem when you go camping because those generally need to be kept cold. You can keep the in a cooler with some ice, but it’s a pain to try and make sure that you have enough ice and that the ice isn’t bruising your food. Ready-to-eat meals don’t require any refrigeration, so the only thing that you need ice for when you go camping is to keep your beer cold. 


Who really needs to meal plan anyway? 

Even if you are confident that you have enough ice to keep all of your food cold, you still have to plan out what you want to eat. This is probably the hardest part of making anything, choosing what you’re going to eat. But with ready-to-eat meals you have your choices all laid out for you. Plus, you don’t have to buy any extra ingredients (unless you want to). This and the fact that most only require a little bit of water to eat them makes them so easy. 


Camping food is more than just hot dogs and s’mores 

When it comes to eating while camping, most people go with the easy route. That is, they make hot dogs and s’mores. Now, we’re not here to tell you that hot dogs and s’mores aren’t any good. They are awesome! But if you’re camping for more than one night, they can get pretty tiring. While the choices in ready-to-eat meals are limited, they are still a lot more diverse and interesting than the two main ones that most people go with when camping. 


So, while long-term food storage could be a great way to feel like you and your family are prepared, they can also be used for fun adventures too! Never underestimate how many  uses one thing can have. Check out even more solutions on our survival store!