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Why emergency food storage containers are vital during a disaster

While many find it hard to anticipate natural disasters and catastrophic accidents impacting them, it is inevitable in the world we live in. That’s why it is vital to prepare ahead of time for a disastrous event. Having an emergency plan in place can offer a sense of security in the case of most disasters. There are many ways to prepare for events such as pandemics, tropical storms or hurricanes, one being how you store your food. Having a larger food supply and storing it properly in emergency food storage containers can reduce stress and fear surrounding large scale disasters that often impact the availability of resupply in stores. 

Being prepared in the case of an emergency is important for many reasons, it can reduce fear, stress and losses that go hand in hand with disasters. The goal of emergency preparedness is simple, to develop a higher level of preparedness in the case of a wide-spread disaster. A disaster of any size can cause long-lasting effects on our communities, disrupting hundreds of thousands of lives every year. If a disaster occurs in your community, you need to know how to respond. Being self-sufficient is a pivotal factor in emergency preparedness, it is estimated after a disaster, it could take up to three-days for relief. 

Planning now is highly beneficial when there isn’t enough time or notice during an emergency. Taking the time to prepare your home for a disaster may not come to mind during your day to day but taking action now is important. One of the easiest ways to prepare for an emergency is having an emergency kit on hand and plenty of long term food storage. An emergency kit often includes water, can opener, batteries, etc. When it comes to long-term survival, dry, non-perishable food stored in necessary emergency food storage containers is critical. 


Emergency food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s essential to store your long term food in proper containers for optimal use. It can be difficult choosing which containers work best for your long term food storage, the last thing you want during an emergency is your food going bad due to improper storage. To help choose which emergency food storage containers work best for you, you should first know the factors that can hinder your food storage; heat, humidity, light, oxygen and pests. The good news is, most emergency food storage containers aim to tackle the enemies of long-term food storage by offering gamma-lids for an airtight seal and protection against rodents. The best way to ensure that your food is kept protected, consider adding Mylar pouches to your storage containers. Mylar pouches protect against oxygen and humidity while emergency food storage containers protect against any physical damage and hungry rodents. With this method, after sealing your emergency food storage containers, you can forget about them for up to 25 years! There are a number of other emergency food storage container options out there that might better fit your preferences, learn more about our top long term storage container options. 


Ready to start planning your emergency food storage options? Targa offers a number of survival kits, food storage packages, and long term food storage. Explore Targa’s emergency food storage container options here, some last up to 30 years!