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What to know about long term food storage containers

When it comes to being self reliant, many think of farming as a solution but have you considered long term food storage containers? Though long term food storage may sound like a lot of preparation, it’ll pay off in the case of an emergency. Not to mention, there are many brands that offer long term food supply in bulk via sealed containers, making it easier than ever to prepare. 


Since the invention of modern-day refrigeration and the availability of year-round fresh food supply, long term food storage doesn’t play as pivotal a role as it once did. Let’s change that. For years, early settlers preserved food in some form for winter use. Here at Targa, we believe that long term food storage still has a place in modern day. Why? Long term food storage is vital when it comes to emergency preparedness and acts as a cost effective solution to your typical shopping spree. If stored correctly, long term food storage can last twenty to thirty years thanks to the low moisture and oil. When preparing your long term food storage, be sure to store it in a cool, dry location for optimal lifetime. Ready-to-eat meals offer a survival option that doesn’t require any refrigeration, freezing, or electricity. Long term food storage is simple. Although it’s difficult to imagine the challenges that may come our way, the option of long term food storage offers a piece of mind when it comes to emergency preparedness.


When it comes to emergency preparedness, self-reliance and long term food supply go hand in hand. Most self-reliant families turn to produce and dairy items for their source of food supply; however, these items are not ideal in a long term emergency situation. Dehydrated food items are more favorable in an emergency situation due to its ability to last longer as well as take up less space. Many long term food suppliers offer food in bulk, providing a heavy-duty and productive way to build an emergency plan. Investing in long term food supply offers a piece of mind, allowing you to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Take control; practice self reliance by investing in long term food supply so that you can be prepared for any emergency situation. 


Now that you have all the information to be self reliant, let’s talk about what foods are best to store long term. Long term food storage containers are meant to have a long shelf life when packaged and stored properly. When it comes to long term storage, think rice, grains and salt. Want an option that lasts forever, head to the bean aisle. Popcorn, raw honey and cornstarch are also items that can be stored for an extreme amount of time. There are many scenarios that could hinder your ability to go to the grocery store, making it that much more important to be prepared for an emergency situation. Investing in simple long term food items such as bouillon, dried pasta, instant coffee, jerky, maple syrup, and oats allows you and your family to be ready for anything. 


Why not start now? With Targa, we guarantee top of the line long term food storage. From packaging to taste, we have you covered. We offer a number of long term food storage packages from a four week emergency food supply package to a gluten-free food kit option. Whatever your preference, Targa’s long term food supply packages are there to help you through any emergency situation.