Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder (1 pkg. w/ 3 packs)


When a severe cut happens and you are nowhere near medical attention, you should have Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder on hand. Easy to use, simply pour on the wound and cover. 

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Often, a bandage is not enough. Or you need a quick solution while out in the wilderness until you can get to better treatment. Blood Clot Powder was developed to stop bleeding in emergency situations. It is intended for use on injuries from minor cuts to severe lacerations. 

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  • First Aid temporary wound treatment 
  • Simple use: pour on wound and cover 
  • Ability to achieve hemostasis (coagulation) and reduced blood loss compared to other treatments 
  • Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging 
  • 4-year shelf life 
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How to Use

To control bleeding, pour contents onto wound and cover. Use additional product if necessary. See doctor immediately if needed. 

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