Freeze-Dried Pineapple Case Pack


Our Freeze-Dried Pineapple is great for when you are out in the wild and makes a delicious and healthy snack, or add it to your pizza, fruit dish, or recipes. Pineapple has excellent healing properties such as: 

  • Rich Source of Vitamin C 
  • High in Fiber 
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Ready Hour Freeze Dried Pineapple lasts up to 25 years unopened, and one year once you open the package. All Ready Hour packages are resealable zipper-top, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches with oxygen absorbers inside to extend shelf life. That way you can use what you want and store up the rest. Once you’ve opened a package it is good for up to a year. Case packs make throwing a bag of your favorite Ready Hour foods into your camping gear, RV or take with you hiking. 


  • Easy to prepare 
  • Hearty and delicious 
  • Ideal for off-grid use 
  • Up to 25-year shelf-life unopened 
  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening 
  • Requires no refrigeration  

How to Use

  • Open pouch and remove oxygen absorber 
  • Add warm water and let stand 
  • Drain excess water