Freeze-Dried Chicken Case Pack (24 servings, 6 pk.)


Ready Hour chicken breast complements pasta, soups, stews, and rice with rich flavor. Ready Hour case packs allow you to buy in large quantities, without wasting what you don’t use right away. The cases come with six pouches of freeze-dried chicken. This helps you maintain the shelf-life of your chicken until you’re ready to cook it. 

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During the freeze-dried process, the food is immediately frozen which allows the vitamins and minerals to stay packed inside the actual food. The food maintains its fresh taste and is condensed in heavy-duty packaging keeping it fresh for many years to come. Food storage isn’t just for natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. It is also great for camping. Ready Hour packages last up to 30 years unopened. 


  • High amounts of Protein and Nutrients 
  • Easy to prepare 
  • Up to 30-year shelf-life unopened 
  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening 
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Includes 6 pouches 
  • 4 Servings per pouch 
  • Packages are resealable zipper-top, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches with oxygen absorbers inside to extend shelf life 
  • Requires no refrigeration 
  • Ultimate in convenience and choice 

How to Use

  • Boil water 
  • Pour in the food and let simmer for 10 to 15 minutes 
  • Stir and serve your hot, delicious meal