Fishing and Hunting Kit by Ready Hour


It’s all you will need on your next fishing trip or hunting trip. This 127-piece Fishing and Hunting Kit by Ready Hour is the perfect addition to your camping gear. It has everything you need to hunt for small game or fish. 

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  • yo-yo automatic fishing reel 
  • 100 yards of 8lb test line 
  • 20 feet of 50-b test line 
  • 1.5-inch foam floats 
  • reusable lead weights 
  • premium bait holder hooks 
  • jig heads 
  • swivels 
  • 6-foot nylon stringer 
  • artificial lures 
  • artificial grubs 
  • salmon eggs 
  • folding multi-tool 
  • slingshot band 
  • 3/8-inch slingshot ammo 
  • 4-inch zip ties 
  • 20 feet of snare wire 
  • screw eyes 
  • L-screws 
  • safety pins 
  • razor blade 
  • 15 feet of #36 bank line 
  • waterproof instruction sheet 


  • Comes with all the basics you need to catch your own food 
  • Easy to understand instructions 
  • Wide variety of tools 
  • Keeps you prepared for anything