Emergency Poncho (2-Pack)


Never get caught by surprise by a rainstorm again! These ponchos are great to have on hand just in case the weather takes a turn. They will help keep you warm and dry in just about any condition.

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Getting caught in the rain without protection is never fun. But carrying bulky rain gear is also not ideal. That’s why having an emergency poncho or two on hand is a great idea. The Ready Hour Emergency Poncho (2-pack) provides a lightweight covering that will keep you dry and warm in the event of a light shower or downpour. Just pull one of these emergency ponchos out and pull it over your clothes, pack, or anything you want to keep dry. 

gal pals wearing yellow ponchos in the rain


  • Comes with 2 Lightweight Ponchos 
  • Each poncho is one-size fits-all 
  • Hood included for complete coverage 
  • Easily folds up to fit in a pocket 
  • Durable 
  • Reusable 
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, sporting events and traveling 
really happy woman wearing yellow poncho in the rain

How to Use

  • Bring it on hiking and camping trips 
  • Keep one in your survivalist backpack for emergency situations 
  • Keep one at home for use during an emergency 
  • Keep one in your camper or RV for emergency situations 
sitting on a dock in the rain wearing yellow poncho