Black Bean Burger


Made with black beans, rice, oats, vegetables, and savory seasonings, your whole family will fill up easily on this tasty meal. Keep a can on your pantry shelf for whenever you need a healthier, high fiber alternative to meat for your family, and pack an extra can in your camping gear. This can has plenty to go around. 

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  • Easy to prepare 
  • Hearty and delicious 
  • Ideal for off-grid use 
  • Up to 25-year shelf-life unopened 
  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening 
  • Requires no refrigeration  

How to Use

  • Discard the oxygen absorber packet immediately after opening. 
  • Measure the correct amount of Black Bean Burger mix and warm water for the number of servings you are making (see on package). 
  • Thoroughly stir water and mix, and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Form into patties. 
  • Place each patty on a lightly oiled grill (375 F) for 3 to 4 minutes per side, or until golden brown.