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Benefits of Survival Kits

First and foremost, emergency survival kits provide you with emergency preparedness. If you own a kit, or accumulate one, that has a well-versed set of gear and tools then you can help ensure that you are prepared and ready to handle essentially any kind of emergency that is thrown at your, whether it is as simple as a flat tire or as serious as getting lost on a hike or having to survive during a flood. An emergency survival gear kit may provide you with the slight edge over your situation to help you survive not just for another hour, but for days or potentially months, enabling you to live on while you seek out help or help finds you.

Secondly, it can provide you with peace of mind. Know that should any of those aforementioned situations, or any other one for that matter, come up- you will know that you are prepared to handle them. This particular benefit is invaluable during an actual emergency as calmness and clear thinking could prove to be absolutely pivotal in your survival.

Lastly, and as previously mentioned, time is of the essence during an emergency or disaster. Making sure you have a well-stocked, well-equipped emergency survival gear kit means that you will likely be able to survive for longer than if you did not have one. It could help you make fire to stay dry or boil water, it could provide you with the means of dressing or treating injuries and wounds, or could even provide you with the means of facilitating a rescue. It is important to recognize that these kits could very well be the difference between surviving and not.

What to Look for in Emergency Survival Gear for Sale

First, it is important to differentiate between the two main types of emergency survival gear. The first is an “everyday carry” kit. These kits usually include items, gear, and tools for situations that you may face on an everyday basis. They are usually small enough to be kept in a pocket, a bag, or a purse and allow for quick access of their utensils such as pocket knifes, pins, flashlights, lighters, etc.. Next, there are “bug out bags”. These are essentially larger scale EDCs and are meant to facilitate long-term survival in an emergency or disaster situation. These kits usually include medical supplies, fishing or hunting equipment, backpacks, shelter-making items, fire-starting equipment, and comfort items. Some may even include long-term food storage systems and water filters if they are meant for longer term periods.

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