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What Is an Emergency Food Supply?

Emergency food supplies are usually stockpiles of food, meant to have long-lasting shelf lives, that are stored so that they may be used when they are needed. Examples of when they would be needed may be: earthquakes, wild fires, blackouts, flooding, hurricanes, etc.. The long-term and short-term food storage solution points are particularly important as they ensure that an individual may prepare the food and get it ready in advance, then have it for whenever they may need it. There is absolutely nothing worse than thinking you are prepared for an emergency and then finding out that you are not.

Many of these emergency food supplies come in the form of airtight bulk food solutions. Some require some level of preparation or cooking, but they can actually be quite healthy and quite delicious. At Targa Supply, we offer an assortment of bulk food, including fruit mixes, breakfast kits, and more! But what exactly makes for a good emergency food supply and what should I be looking for when I am going to be buying in bulk to build up my storage?

Important Traits of Food Supply for Disasters

One of the most important aspects of food supply for disasters is that it has a solid shelf life. There is always a note on this kind of food storage so be sure to look for it to know how long it will be able to last while in storage. Another important note is that the food is adequately nutritious. In a situation where you will find yourself needing a food supply for emergencies, it may be your only source of food for an extended period of time. That’s why it is so important that what you do have provides you with all of the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

Going along with nutrition, taste is also really important. Ensuring your emergency food supply tastes good should probably be your third priority, behind knowing it can last and sustain you. Food can play a massive role on morale, particularly in a situation in which you would find yourself needing to eat this supply of food in the first place. It helps provide some normalcy to a likely very difficult situation while also providing some respite from whatever difficulties you may be facing in the form of delicious and nutritious food!

If you are curious about what kind of long term food storage solutions there are, then check out our shop!